Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Years!

So i had mon and tues off because of the chinese new years thus having a 4 day weekend. i took advantage of this and went up to gangwan-do's High 1 Ski Resort on saturday morning at 6am took about 4 hours to get there. it snowed all 3 days we were there, absolutely amazing powder to board all day all the time. the resort was really really nice but the only thing i found it lacking was food places... seriously lacking. we had 6 ppl at the place but it could comfortably fit 20 ppl (but sharing the bathroom would not be fun). Came back on a 7 o'clock bus to Jamsil station at 1130... ran and jogged to switch subways and stuff and eventually caught the last one and got back to my room at lil past 1230. i had so much fun this weekend that i kinda took a lot less pictures then i would've liked but heres some for shits and giggles =]


John said...

finally u got a phone!

happy lunar new yr!

the word verification to post this comment was 'andiat' , nice

John said...

how much was snowboarding there inc. rentals??

antonlickass said...

Chinese New YEAR

not years. as usual you are wrong