Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Long time... sorry

New term, new kids (not all new, lots of kids also)
  • I didn't tell my kids this term that I was Chinese because I got in trouble last time for it (one kid actually quit). However, my old kids already knew and they tell the new kids all about it.
  • They are in such amazement when they find out that I do not know Korean (but Chinese, Mandarin, and Spanish), and that I am a Chinese person from Hong Kong that moved to the states and is now teaching in Korea.
Thoughts on accents
  • most accents you can discern (ie NY, Teaxs, Southern, Midwest, Canada, NZ, Indian, Russia, German) but there is the “neutral” America accent that are in parts of the country such as California, I almost want to venture to say that this is a matter of a west coast neutral accent but then again I don't know if people form Oregon or Washington have accents (party people chime in if you have had experience)
  • what interesting is that a few friends and I were talking and they said that people from the west coast talk incredibly fast like we got somewhere we need to be (ie bone thugz and twista)
  • after that insightful information, I decided that I know a lot of people that talk super fast, and a lot of people that just talk slow (ie the laid back surfer type), and I got to thinking does cadence have to do with accents also?
Thing or two on dating
  • so for people that know me, you know that I am naturally flirty guy, someone told me that if its kind of charming so that was kind of nice to know (but I am sure other girls think otherwise hahaha)
  • this is kind of a problem in a country that is very literal (or so I've been told), a friend or two and I think that there is a girl that is really into me that I have been friends with for 3 months. I see her as a friend and cool to hang out with, but I think I really dig the attention she gives and not necessarily her. Also, I don't want to start a relationship here because my time here is so transient.
Minority recognition/acknowledgment
  • during college I learned of this phenomena (partially explained to me by Janelle). Recognition/acknowledgement is given to those of the same minority in a environment where one is overwhelmed. Either it be a simple eye contact, nod, smile or something of that nature.
  • Interestingly, this phenomena also exist outside campuses; in Korea, I see a lot of whites acknowledging each other. I blend in so I never get the recognition =P
Kids grow up so quick
  • you know what they say about kids growing up so fast, this is so damn true. I had a kid during my first term in a class, and I got him back this term and he has probably grown about 2 inches. He is lankier, still a jokester, and I predict that he will be a little heartbreaker/heartthrob. Just crazy I haven't seen him in about 5 months or so and he grew so much. Just amazing.
Book learning
  • I've read more fictional books in Korea in 6 months than I did throughout all of university. Last Lecture, Fight Club, Blink Tuesday with Morrie, and now I am reading 1984