Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Years!

So i had mon and tues off because of the chinese new years thus having a 4 day weekend. i took advantage of this and went up to gangwan-do's High 1 Ski Resort on saturday morning at 6am took about 4 hours to get there. it snowed all 3 days we were there, absolutely amazing powder to board all day all the time. the resort was really really nice but the only thing i found it lacking was food places... seriously lacking. we had 6 ppl at the place but it could comfortably fit 20 ppl (but sharing the bathroom would not be fun). Came back on a 7 o'clock bus to Jamsil station at 1130... ran and jogged to switch subways and stuff and eventually caught the last one and got back to my room at lil past 1230. i had so much fun this weekend that i kinda took a lot less pictures then i would've liked but heres some for shits and giggles =]

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trips to Gangnam

Hey friends, families, and other beloveds... and strangers! I see that some of you are visiting from UK (london) and India (Delhi), please commment I wanna know whos looking at this.

Past sunday i went to Gangnam to ball... took the subway which took a lil over an hour... my blind date with these dudes was 245 but i got off the korail at 245... damn it never good to be late on a first date... i ended up getting to the gym (Kolon Sporex) at 255 and changed and on the court by 3 so pretty clutch. they play up to 15 pts by 2s and 3s and call own fouls. Waited 5 mins to play the first game... my team was so good that we won 6 games in a row. how i lasted 6 games was fricking insane (on the contrary i did manage to air 2 shots... no legs damn it). i only managed to accumulate 8 pts in 6 games (saaddd!) but i did manage a buncha steals and a coupla boards and a few arrs (blocks). The competition is comparable to the ARC's. waited 1 game then got back on the court for 2 mroe and that was 2 hours. 15 bucks a lil much to rent the gym but for the love of bball... gotta play.

On my day off yesterday me and heids went down to gangnam again but this time on the 3003 bus which is only 45 mins instead of over an hour AND it was comfortable to sit the whole time instead of getting on and off on and off the subway. helped her with exchanging money for HK (i am a lil jealous, i wanna go to the motherland). Giordano and Gap are quite expensive brand names here!! But i did pick up a charcoal coat for 49 and a purple down puffy for 49 and red pants for 19, its going to be cold here for a while longer so its kinda nice =)

Its Chinese (or Lunar) New Years weekend and i am going to go away for the whole weekend on a snowboarding trip!!! woohooo! pictures soon.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I was exploring suwon again over the weekend and i found some cool street art (even though CCTV was just right there!)

Last night, it snowed again in suwon, once again very pretty, i just stared outside for a little bit

Today i went to itaewon (another foreigner heavy area because of a nearby base) my goal was to go get some shoes to ball in, unfortunately finding a size 11 is not as easy as it should be... guess what they is!

and lebron vi was unavailable so i settled for kobe iv instead... i went to one nike store and it was on sale for 139 but they only had a 9.5 or 11.5... ef... so i went to the nike across the street it was 159 and they only had size 9.5 and smaller... so i went to Multi Player which is like a sneaker store with jordans dunks and forces, so i bought the kobes for 189 which is about... EXPENSIVE i know... but its hard to find stuff other then really expensive shoes like jordans kobes and brons... also decided to pick up my first pair of jordans EVER!!

so i guess its not a surprise me buying shoes... MOM PLEASE DONT KILL ME, ITS JUST ONE PAIR!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


status: still sick as ______

For those of you knows me know that i LOVE bball. When I wake up every morning in Korea, i either turn on the TV to see what movie is playing (i've watched the mummy, mr and mrs smith, sky high, night at the museum, etc) or my computer to watch some good ol' NBA games... sometimes both..

So it really kills me that it is winter and i cant really ball outside... even worse i found out that people dont really play pick up games here, you have to have a team in order to play... completely different rules than the states fricking a...

good news!!! i found out that CDI teachers play in Gangnam, which is a little less than an hour away from me. they play EVERY sunday 245-445 in an indoor gym with a sauna and hot tub, fricking sweet deal. they play by 2's and 3's up to 17 which is kinda a weird number, different country different rules. BUT it cost 15000 KRW to "rent" the gym per person... so its kinda pricey... plus the price of subway there is 1500... so its pricey to play but for the love of the game, you gotta play. to add on top of that shoes here are expensive!!! so i gotta pick up a pair of shoes soon too.

Monday, January 5, 2009


i got a phone!! my # is 010.2309.7927, my incoming calls are free (so if you wanna call me, DO IT!!!!)

also a picture of what happens when i go grocery shopping, lets do an ispy on the comment section ahaha

Sunday, January 4, 2009

NYE and 2009

What up party ppl! Anton was here the last few days, fun times fun times. For NYE me, jenny, anton, harry ended up going to Yeongtong (downtown suwon) because we the teachers had work the next day @ 10 so we decided not to head to Seoul. Dumb thing was it was NOT popping at all so we made our own party with 4 bottles of soju lots of anju and a bottle of tequila... basically soju + tequila = slammered (at least for me because i spent some time in the bathroom). Slept about 3 hours and was still a lil tipsy for my first hour of teaching, sobered up by the end of my first class... by the second class i was sooo sleepy i just wanted to gtfo.

For New Year's Night me jenny anton went out Hongdae to meet up with and mike ji and daniel, heidi and harry came a lil later. we were supposed to go to the Sub-Zero, an ice-bar like the one in 007 where EVERYTHING is ice, but we couldn't find it and noone knows where the hell it was. we ended up going to ho bar for a bottle of JD some darts and pool. Then went to a hof named Junco, polished off 6 bottles of soju and a bunch of anju while playing some good ol korean drinking games. after that went to a noraebong for some more singing and killing oru voices, after that went to eat some stuff to settle our stomachs and then hop'd on the trains back to suwon at 6... after some trouble with the subway... got into bed at 730 and called it a good night.

slept 4 hours and got up to eat a little again and go teach... thats the life in korea baby!

note: pictures will be up soon, i gotta get the pics from jenny and anton