Sunday, January 4, 2009

NYE and 2009

What up party ppl! Anton was here the last few days, fun times fun times. For NYE me, jenny, anton, harry ended up going to Yeongtong (downtown suwon) because we the teachers had work the next day @ 10 so we decided not to head to Seoul. Dumb thing was it was NOT popping at all so we made our own party with 4 bottles of soju lots of anju and a bottle of tequila... basically soju + tequila = slammered (at least for me because i spent some time in the bathroom). Slept about 3 hours and was still a lil tipsy for my first hour of teaching, sobered up by the end of my first class... by the second class i was sooo sleepy i just wanted to gtfo.

For New Year's Night me jenny anton went out Hongdae to meet up with and mike ji and daniel, heidi and harry came a lil later. we were supposed to go to the Sub-Zero, an ice-bar like the one in 007 where EVERYTHING is ice, but we couldn't find it and noone knows where the hell it was. we ended up going to ho bar for a bottle of JD some darts and pool. Then went to a hof named Junco, polished off 6 bottles of soju and a bunch of anju while playing some good ol korean drinking games. after that went to a noraebong for some more singing and killing oru voices, after that went to eat some stuff to settle our stomachs and then hop'd on the trains back to suwon at 6... after some trouble with the subway... got into bed at 730 and called it a good night.

slept 4 hours and got up to eat a little again and go teach... thats the life in korea baby!

note: pictures will be up soon, i gotta get the pics from jenny and anton

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