Friday, January 9, 2009


status: still sick as ______

For those of you knows me know that i LOVE bball. When I wake up every morning in Korea, i either turn on the TV to see what movie is playing (i've watched the mummy, mr and mrs smith, sky high, night at the museum, etc) or my computer to watch some good ol' NBA games... sometimes both..

So it really kills me that it is winter and i cant really ball outside... even worse i found out that people dont really play pick up games here, you have to have a team in order to play... completely different rules than the states fricking a...

good news!!! i found out that CDI teachers play in Gangnam, which is a little less than an hour away from me. they play EVERY sunday 245-445 in an indoor gym with a sauna and hot tub, fricking sweet deal. they play by 2's and 3's up to 17 which is kinda a weird number, different country different rules. BUT it cost 15000 KRW to "rent" the gym per person... so its kinda pricey... plus the price of subway there is 1500... so its pricey to play but for the love of the game, you gotta play. to add on top of that shoes here are expensive!!! so i gotta pick up a pair of shoes soon too.

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