Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I was exploring suwon again over the weekend and i found some cool street art (even though CCTV was just right there!)

Last night, it snowed again in suwon, once again very pretty, i just stared outside for a little bit

Today i went to itaewon (another foreigner heavy area because of a nearby base) my goal was to go get some shoes to ball in, unfortunately finding a size 11 is not as easy as it should be... guess what they is!

and lebron vi was unavailable so i settled for kobe iv instead... i went to one nike store and it was on sale for 139 but they only had a 9.5 or 11.5... ef... so i went to the nike across the street it was 159 and they only had size 9.5 and smaller... so i went to Multi Player which is like a sneaker store with jordans dunks and forces, so i bought the kobes for 189 which is about... EXPENSIVE i know... but its hard to find stuff other then really expensive shoes like jordans kobes and brons... also decided to pick up my first pair of jordans EVER!!

so i guess its not a surprise me buying shoes... MOM PLEASE DONT KILL ME, ITS JUST ONE PAIR!!!


tonibologna said...

mmmhmmm...that's what they all say. it always starts with one!

John said...

u should check out the street art in shinchon (the one near yonsei)