Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trips to Gangnam

Hey friends, families, and other beloveds... and strangers! I see that some of you are visiting from UK (london) and India (Delhi), please commment I wanna know whos looking at this.

Past sunday i went to Gangnam to ball... took the subway which took a lil over an hour... my blind date with these dudes was 245 but i got off the korail at 245... damn it never good to be late on a first date... i ended up getting to the gym (Kolon Sporex) at 255 and changed and on the court by 3 so pretty clutch. they play up to 15 pts by 2s and 3s and call own fouls. Waited 5 mins to play the first game... my team was so good that we won 6 games in a row. how i lasted 6 games was fricking insane (on the contrary i did manage to air 2 shots... no legs damn it). i only managed to accumulate 8 pts in 6 games (saaddd!) but i did manage a buncha steals and a coupla boards and a few arrs (blocks). The competition is comparable to the ARC's. waited 1 game then got back on the court for 2 mroe and that was 2 hours. 15 bucks a lil much to rent the gym but for the love of bball... gotta play.

On my day off yesterday me and heids went down to gangnam again but this time on the 3003 bus which is only 45 mins instead of over an hour AND it was comfortable to sit the whole time instead of getting on and off on and off the subway. helped her with exchanging money for HK (i am a lil jealous, i wanna go to the motherland). Giordano and Gap are quite expensive brand names here!! But i did pick up a charcoal coat for 49 and a purple down puffy for 49 and red pants for 19, its going to be cold here for a while longer so its kinda nice =)

Its Chinese (or Lunar) New Years weekend and i am going to go away for the whole weekend on a snowboarding trip!!! woohooo! pictures soon.