Sunday, February 22, 2009

I need to post a lil more...

so i been missing american breakfast and hong kong style cafe breakfast for a little bit, and also missed the free denny breakfast!!! (why cant they have that stuff when i am in amurica). so last week i went to butterfingers pankcakes in gangnam, so damn good. we ended up getting 1) butterfingers omlette (peppers, mushrooms, onion, ham) rosemary potatoes (they called it hash brown, fake out) french toast!!! 2) butterfingers combo which came with rosemary potatoes again sausage eggs (scrambled) bacon and pancakes!!! it was a lil expensive totally came out to be 26 but it was really worth it because i was really full and it was pretty legit stuff.

after breakfast at butterfingers we went over to dongdaemun again but this time i actually did a lil shopping. i got 2 hoodies because i brought only 2, i dont know how i forgot to pack hoodies.. but fortunately you can bargin in dongdaemun so it wasnt very expensive. when we were done shopping we were eating street food left and right and we came upon ppl in a dance off on a stage at Good Morning City (one of the big shopping multiplexes, two other two are called Doota, AMP <- at first i thought it was AMPM hahaha)
yesterday had chuk (or congee/porridge) which is pretty popular here in korea (not just hong kong) then went to gangnam to get an ipod touch 16 gb, i succumbed to apple pressure and did it, i am on the bus/subway so much its worth it =) headed over to hongdae (i saw a watson's which is really big in HK and nowhere else i thought, but i was so wrong) to check out some stores and to eat ggamjatun (back-bone soup) which has pork back bone kimchi cabbage and potatoes (spicy goodness!) after we went over to a place called Coffee Prince which is where they filmed a really famous korean drama which is why their coffee cost 6+ compared to the next expensive place in korea starbucks where coffee cost 5+.

i started my second term this week, and so far its good, my EC4 class has 13 kids and 8 kids. the 13 is a lil harder to engage all the time since the classes are bigger but my 8 person class is really fun because i can interact and play with them a lot and my second is so damn cute i wanna take pictures with them but its too early. my eagle reading and listening classes i got 8 out of my 9 kids back from my birdie class, but my second eagle classes is 5 kids and they seem kinda jaded and 4 of them extremly dislike one of them so its kinda of sad...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Been a while.

Hmm, its been a while eh gang?

earlier this month my aunt and uncle dropped by korea as a last stop for their business/leisure trip. they took me out to dongdaemoon for samgyetung (ginseng chicken soup) and brought me a package from the states and them. i got my black levi's pair of running shoes some shooting shirts and a bunch of goodies from HK and pocketed some money from chinese new years. they said i look skinnier and that i lost weight in my face and stuff... so i weighed myself at the gym the weekend after seeing them and i did lose weight, 9 lbs to be exact... but i still eat like a beast with an abyss for a stomach

my first term of teaching at CDI is gonna end this friday, and the second term is starting on monday. my HI (head instructor) told me that i might be teaching TOEFL iBT on wednesday next term... which is kinda bittersweet, on the one hand i am getting 12 more hours of pay which is pretty good, and second he is saying that i have what it takes to teach a TOEFL class which says quite a bit... but the bad thing is that i wont get wednesday off any more which kinda sucks.

the other day went out to eat ggamjatung (pork back bone soup) and hit up the batting cages. even though i havent been since i was in grade school for little league i didnt do too horrendous. it was 500 won for 17 balls which is like about 30-40 cents US, my first 17 was horrible i think i only connected (fouled or hit) 4 or 5 balls, but the second set on i think i had a healthy 75%+. still play basketball every sunday, but now i discovered tekken 6 in the arcades in gangnam, i go a bit earlier so i can hit up the arcades and i go there after bball so i can play some before dinner.

love this place . missing friends and family . <3