Sunday, February 15, 2009

Been a while.

Hmm, its been a while eh gang?

earlier this month my aunt and uncle dropped by korea as a last stop for their business/leisure trip. they took me out to dongdaemoon for samgyetung (ginseng chicken soup) and brought me a package from the states and them. i got my black levi's pair of running shoes some shooting shirts and a bunch of goodies from HK and pocketed some money from chinese new years. they said i look skinnier and that i lost weight in my face and stuff... so i weighed myself at the gym the weekend after seeing them and i did lose weight, 9 lbs to be exact... but i still eat like a beast with an abyss for a stomach

my first term of teaching at CDI is gonna end this friday, and the second term is starting on monday. my HI (head instructor) told me that i might be teaching TOEFL iBT on wednesday next term... which is kinda bittersweet, on the one hand i am getting 12 more hours of pay which is pretty good, and second he is saying that i have what it takes to teach a TOEFL class which says quite a bit... but the bad thing is that i wont get wednesday off any more which kinda sucks.

the other day went out to eat ggamjatung (pork back bone soup) and hit up the batting cages. even though i havent been since i was in grade school for little league i didnt do too horrendous. it was 500 won for 17 balls which is like about 30-40 cents US, my first 17 was horrible i think i only connected (fouled or hit) 4 or 5 balls, but the second set on i think i had a healthy 75%+. still play basketball every sunday, but now i discovered tekken 6 in the arcades in gangnam, i go a bit earlier so i can hit up the arcades and i go there after bball so i can play some before dinner.

love this place . missing friends and family . <3


Melody said...

So you don't need a package sent over?

Melody said...
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dflor said...

9 flippin lbs?? crazy...I've lost about 4-5 but that's doing cardio everyday for only over a week.