Monday, April 27, 2009

Daydreaming during class (while teaching)...

preface: i am home before dark for the first time since i've been employed full-time!!! i got off at 7 today!! w00t!!

somethings that i've noticed and observed the last few weeks:

1) some of my kids have genuine interest in some of the characters in the story, they have sympathy and actually care about some of the people in the books. in my english chip class we were reading a book called The Earthquake. as you probably surmise, the story is about an earthquake and 2 main characters. Gabriel likes Silvia and they were supposed to go to a movie but for some reason that doesn't happen and he goes to the theatre alone and she goes out to dinner and earthquake happens... Nicky is depicted as a really nice/kind guy.. and one of my girls asked me with a worried/concern look on her face "is Nicky dead??"... i thought she was cute

2) friendship forming: i had a girl that was quiet and shy but really wanted participate and stuff, but she wasn't as confident as other shy kids in my class (because she didn't have friends in the class). so for midterm group activities i put her in a group with 2 other girls that seem to be very friendly and they hit it off really well. ever since then the 3 girls sit together and are pretty good friends... its pretty cool to see it develop

3) kids are very adaptive/observant: we were reading a story, The Secret Garden, and there was Mary who was a girl that was always pist and anti-social. she wore black clothes only, which i associated with sad, serious, depressing, etc for my kids. later in the story she was wearing yellow/orange so i made my kids associate with happiness, energy, etc... and that day i was wearing black, and they asked if i was sad.... hahahah

4) saying "we": so the culture of korea is saying we and our when refering to people and things... kinda like the collectivistic mindset/culture of eastern society... and its interesting to know that i started saying things like that... the other when i was teaching my listening class about american civil war, so their project for the class was compare/contrast the american civil war and the korean war, analyzing the pros/cons of reunification... when i was talking about korea, i was using terms like if we... then our... for them... for us...

5) some people are so dense: i think of myself as generally open-minded, mild-mannered, and nice (maybe not mild-mannered but it sounded nice in that string, but the other two i truly do). so theres never only one way to do things... and its not always the right way and the wrong, there are just different ways. so why can't some people just expand their minds and recognize that...
  • exhibition 1: if you know a way to get home by subway that takes 30 mins to get to one of two stations nearest to you place but still have to walk 10 mins or taxi ride wouldn't you want to find a more convenient way to get home?? i am trying to help you out by saying that there are two buses you can take to get home that drops you off right in front of your place, one which takes 25 mins or so with a guaran-f'ing-tee seats, or two 45 mins with a 80% chance of a seat, wouldn't you want to know about it, or just tell me off and say well its nice that YOU know about it... blows my mind
  • exhibition 2: step out of your comfort zone, you are not at home... some things people have strong beliefs for or against and that's fine (such as things like being vegetarian-ism, or not drinking), but things like eating spicy food, c'mon people this is korea (its known for that!!). if you had a stomach ulcer, allergies, or weak stomach i wouldn't say anything... but oh i don't like it, step up to the plate homie/homegirl. there are different levels of spicyness in korea (its not just on or off), just like how there are nice people of differeing degrees. and you end up sitting there eating something that the place is not know for so its not remotely satisfying when everyone else is eating something so damn dericious... AND the waitress has to make yours on a different pan instead of throwing everything in the middle of everyone... AND you pay more than us... grinds my gears -.-
sorry for the last bit of rant... just kinda bugs the goodness out of me

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rant and Rave

its been really fun and great lately... until today...

originally this particular post was going to be filled with explicit content, but i thought better of it and realized i am better than that... so here goes

i absolutely detest and abhor hypocrites... they complain and whine about things you do and never criticize or realize what they do themselves... i know when i play defense on the court i am a little handsy and block-happy, but usually its a foul but no harm done except frustration.. but today some guy on fast break thought i was trying to hurt him (but in fact i got ball and arm and then he kinda fell and so did i, but no harm done), example:

then he starts missing shots and chips (short bank shots) because i was stuck on him... thing is this guy plays dirty he pushes when you are shooting in the block/key, he pushes when you box him out on a rebound, he tugs at your shirt so you cant jump, he also sets screens with his elbows totally out like a blocker in football... then a couple drives he would stick on his knee or flail his arms if i block his shots. so he ends up hitting me a few times and kneeing me once but i didn't mention it until finally i said watch your ___ing hands then he starts cussing me out in korean and he doesnt stop talking for a while... finally the game is over and i am packing up my stuff and he comes over and starts haranguing (one of the few words i remember from SAT classes days) in korean again and i told him i dont know korean and i am chinese american and he seems to get more mad and then i look away and he hits me over the head... and my glasses fall off (no one saw this btw)... there is no respect in hitting someone when they dont see it or dont know about it if i was looking at him and he throws a punch at least there is honor in that (but it doesnt mean that i am not gonna do something back but i wouldve felt better about the situation) and i said whats wrong with you i dont know what you are saying to me, and the coordinator of the court comes over and breaks it up... he and i were the last ones there and he didnt even apologize or anything... what he did was so unwarranted (unforgivable!!!!)

now i am extremely frustrated/angry/dumbfounded... i have to go find another league now because i dont want to be on the same court with that coward, and i am sure if we are on the court again something is going to happen and i want to avoid that happening. to compound everything... some one drank all of my pocari-sweat and the bottle was just chilling there (the thieves didnt even have the decency to throw away the empty bottle so i had to do it)

this is the second time in the last six months that someone deliberately tried to start a scuffle with me... first was frozen yogurt and a push out a chair... now a hit over the head... why why why??

note: i still absolutely love korea ^^

Sights and (a lil) sounds

a lil update

the last week or two i went to an old temple in the middle of the city, kinda reminded a lot of when i was a kid and go to the temple with grandma all the time... also went to the aquarium in the COEX... saw otters get fed and play (they are like little dog/mouse things, aka really damn awesome amminals)... saw some fish that are almost as long/tall as i am (crazy stuff) but unfortunately my camera battery died at the ginormous shark/ray/tortoise tank.

new foods i tried: bibimguksu (wheat noodles in a spicy cold broth with cucumber lettuce and some other fixins... kinda like hiyashi chuka), and more indian/nepalese food (pure awesome food and environment/decor)... yesterday went to Yeouido Flower Festival (lots of cherry blossom raining down, big stage performances, outdoor art exhibit, random street performers.. very pretty and gorgeous weather, sat by the Han River for a while and just listened to some music..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sightseeing a lil bit

heres a picture of things i make for breakfast... its a cheese spam onion 3 egg omelet

the other day, went to deoksugung which is palace they had back in the day, and twice a day the reenact changing of the guard (including passing the royal seal, password and other tidbits)

Inside the palace: this is the central throne

its a bunch of old things on display, the hwacha (rockets-powered arrows), a bell, and a water clock

just a shot of the old with the new

where the king and court entertained and relaxed.. and close up of details

one of the most important in korea's history: king sejong (he is credited for inventing the korean alphabet among other scientific discoveries)

random shots