Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rant and Rave

its been really fun and great lately... until today...

originally this particular post was going to be filled with explicit content, but i thought better of it and realized i am better than that... so here goes

i absolutely detest and abhor hypocrites... they complain and whine about things you do and never criticize or realize what they do themselves... i know when i play defense on the court i am a little handsy and block-happy, but usually its a foul but no harm done except frustration.. but today some guy on fast break thought i was trying to hurt him (but in fact i got ball and arm and then he kinda fell and so did i, but no harm done), example:

then he starts missing shots and chips (short bank shots) because i was stuck on him... thing is this guy plays dirty he pushes when you are shooting in the block/key, he pushes when you box him out on a rebound, he tugs at your shirt so you cant jump, he also sets screens with his elbows totally out like a blocker in football... then a couple drives he would stick on his knee or flail his arms if i block his shots. so he ends up hitting me a few times and kneeing me once but i didn't mention it until finally i said watch your ___ing hands then he starts cussing me out in korean and he doesnt stop talking for a while... finally the game is over and i am packing up my stuff and he comes over and starts haranguing (one of the few words i remember from SAT classes days) in korean again and i told him i dont know korean and i am chinese american and he seems to get more mad and then i look away and he hits me over the head... and my glasses fall off (no one saw this btw)... there is no respect in hitting someone when they dont see it or dont know about it if i was looking at him and he throws a punch at least there is honor in that (but it doesnt mean that i am not gonna do something back but i wouldve felt better about the situation) and i said whats wrong with you i dont know what you are saying to me, and the coordinator of the court comes over and breaks it up... he and i were the last ones there and he didnt even apologize or anything... what he did was so unwarranted (unforgivable!!!!)

now i am extremely frustrated/angry/dumbfounded... i have to go find another league now because i dont want to be on the same court with that coward, and i am sure if we are on the court again something is going to happen and i want to avoid that happening. to compound everything... some one drank all of my pocari-sweat and the bottle was just chilling there (the thieves didnt even have the decency to throw away the empty bottle so i had to do it)

this is the second time in the last six months that someone deliberately tried to start a scuffle with me... first was frozen yogurt and a push out a chair... now a hit over the head... why why why??

note: i still absolutely love korea ^^

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