Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sights and (a lil) sounds

a lil update

the last week or two i went to an old temple in the middle of the city, kinda reminded a lot of when i was a kid and go to the temple with grandma all the time... also went to the aquarium in the COEX... saw otters get fed and play (they are like little dog/mouse things, aka really damn awesome amminals)... saw some fish that are almost as long/tall as i am (crazy stuff) but unfortunately my camera battery died at the ginormous shark/ray/tortoise tank.

new foods i tried: bibimguksu (wheat noodles in a spicy cold broth with cucumber lettuce and some other fixins... kinda like hiyashi chuka), and more indian/nepalese food (pure awesome food and environment/decor)... yesterday went to Yeouido Flower Festival (lots of cherry blossom raining down, big stage performances, outdoor art exhibit, random street performers.. very pretty and gorgeous weather, sat by the Han River for a while and just listened to some music..

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