Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas come and goes...

this right here is the xmas eve dinner which consisted of quail eggs, fish cake and egg quiche thing, and yes of course you see soju (its korea!) and you may also spy some wine. [talk about culture meld] after this meal we proceded to go to yongtong which is kinda like downtown suwon to meet up with some cool peeps from facebook and have some fun with rusty nails and tequila sunrises. the second bar we went to had a few shows, including a fire show a couple games for the patrons, and something with backwashing alcohol and food among bartenders.... got back home at 530am... and thats considered a wee bit early... slept til 1230ish the next day

On xmas i was completely drained from the late night rendezvous, kinda did nothing all day, planned to make it to seoul's icebar in hongdae (plans fell through -.-). instead went out with the buddy down the hall to have xmas dinner (i can skip the turkey and ham this year for bulgogi hahaha) and walk around suwon station (btw it was faaaaaacking cold).

Came back from dinner and got one of our coworkers down the bar for a drink and just mingle, knocked out at like 1, uber drained.

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tonibologna said...

Love the winter wear!!