Saturday, December 6, 2008

Flight and then some more

Got up at @ lil after 0400, got to airport by 0530ish, first flight @ 0730, and this is my lay-over flight at SFO @ 1230

The coolest thing about the ~13 hour flight was that every seat had a screen in front of them and it was loaded with movies, tv shows, and music!

Pics of the hotel later because we had to move rooms to accommodate 3 other trainees... i had my first korean meal which was nakji bimbap (octopus and rice in a freaking spicy sauce) but it was so damn good and cheap for only 55000 won

This is the hotel suite, got a kitchen living room and 2 twin beds in each room


antonlickass said...


tight how much is 55000 won

hennifer said...

it looks amazing!im so jealous :)

tonibologna said...

Good to know you're alive, Sandy!

dflor said...

nice looking apt. Why is there 2 beds?