Sunday, December 21, 2008

Work two, one off, work two, two off.

so over the weekend we went out to where Osan Air Force Base was and spent the two days there. the Osan AFB has a lot of shops right outside of it with a pretty big black market, and the funny thing is every vendor or shop owner knows english fairly well so its just very different. they have everything that you ever wanted or will want basically, they didn't make custom fit jeans.

we stayed at a yogwan aka love motel aka people go fuck there, and it was really cheap.

we ate at a mexican restaurant and they had freaking sopes AND corona with lime (<- impossible to find here)! i was very happy about that =] then it was to early to go out so we bought a bootleg twilight. then the night started with a shots from a kettle (redbull vodka), irish pub for carbombs and stellas, two more bars for long islands and cass (beers), then noribong (kareoke room) to belt out some tunes and lose my voice. called it a night and woke up with my voice gone... Sawadee for thai food (but can you believe they didn't have pad see ewe or pad kee mow...-.-..) wanted to get a tattoo but it didn't happen. and here we are, back in Suwon and loung'n and prep'n. after we watched prestiege and called it a damn good weekend.

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