Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My bed + FOODS!!!

whats cool here is not the pink and purple covers but the fact that we made a damn pillowtop mattress!! and if you're good you already spot my lilo and stitch pillows! it helps to be innovative in a foreign country =)

Our branch manager Mr Han treated us to lunch the afternoon after we got to Suwon (past saturday). Some bomb ass pork kalbi. He also got all the teachers microwaves for free!! So our BM is pretty damn awesome.

So my typical day goes like this: wake up between 9-10, go down to Paris Baguette for pastries and bread, come back up to my room to shower, go out to coffee shop to prep for class, come back to my room to dress and head to school, teach for 6 hours, come back home eat dinner watch some TV and knock out.
I work mon,tues,thurs,fri... so i get wednesday and weekends off! dopeness on a stick i know.
however, winter intensives are coming up so i'll have work everyday then.

also i started cooking in korea, the first meal was a mushroom soup with green peppers carrots onions mushrooms and gangload of ginger because Jenny had a cold/stuffy nose. Decided to get adventurous so i tried to make some korean vermincelli that came out pretty nicely, and yes i pretty much used the same ingredients as the soup so i save money and maximize.

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