Friday, December 12, 2008

So relieved!!!

Last week was basically breakfast training lunch training dinner study study study sleep... rinse and repeat for 5 days... everyday we had training on how to teach and have to mock teach, i can't say it was the best training program i've had but it did the job even though it was painful and stressful. On a side note i passed my medical exam!!!! ahahah Food in korea has been so damn good and cheap, stuff like kimchichige (spelling it completely wrong?), samgynpsal (pre-bacon).. really good thing that one of the 14 trainee in my "class" had been here over a year and knows korean so he was a good tour guide/cultural teacher.

Yesterday, we finished training and final mock eval and got back to the hotel for dinner before leaving for our respective schools.. Little did i know i was in for PHO!!!! but unfortunately it doesnt match up but it was nice to have beef broth. Got back to the hotel and said bye to everyone which was quite sad because the last week has been amazing... i felt like i was in a set of real world seoul or something! So amazingly i was put into a school along with a fellow trainee that i got along with pretty well, JENNNNNYYYYYYYYYY!! (Say hi to a candid picture of her)

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