Friday, December 12, 2008

Home for the next year

Okay so this is my new place... its called an office-tel 400,000 KRW a month which is such a nice price for this big place.. i've heard of so many horror stories of living situations in korea. There are 3 closets on the left once you get in and bathroom is right across. The kitchen is to the right after you pass the bathroom. if you can spot the metal thing above the electric stove (which heats up super freaking quick) is the range and it turns on when you pull it out. There is a full bed and a 20" tv, and the heating is ando which comes up from the floor which is really nice. Our building is 12 stories up and 3 stories down, Basement 1 is a supermarket and B2&3 are parking, 1st floor is food, toys, books, and stationary stores, 2 to 10 are office buildings and a couple not as good english hagwons. 11th and 12th floors are apts like mine, there are a few english teachers that live on 11th floor and one more on 12th. There is a gym really close to me, probably 5 mins away. Basically, i am really happy with my living situation right now. =]

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