Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i got a care package from coco, and this is what christmas in march looks like!!

food lately: got "On the Border" the other day... kinda expensive but damn i love mexican food... i miss taqueria and the small lil carne asada tacos with onions and cilantro... jjajangmyun freaking simple to make good to eat cheap to buy (if you havent had it, look it up and make it!)


went to the zoo (3000w) and dolphin show (2000w) that is about 2 dollars for the zoo and a lil over 1 dollar for the dolphin show. pretty damn big zoo and cool cept that some of the cages were kinda rusty and old still nice tho. later had galbi and some soju, then to rainbow bar for hookah (strawberry margurita) a lil less smooth than big blue but satisfying

my top 10 list of animals (in no particular order):

grey wolf, snow wolf, otter, red panda, ring tail lemur, capybara, sibertian tiger, lion, bottle nose dolphin

freaky toes of an ostrich

Simba and Nala

Grey wolves

Tigers (Nom Nom Nom)


Dolphin seal show for 2000W

Dolphin Restaurant... yumm


Red panda or fire fox =P


Tiger "cubs"

Lion "cub

ZOT!! (my camera started to run outta batteries)


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