Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Late Night Theories.

Emergency #s:
in the US its 911, in HK its 999 and in korea its different for different things, the fire dept is 119 (dont know anything else because i pass by the fire station at least once a week on the way to the market). i think that there should be an universal # for this sort of thing because you are pretty effed if you dont know it, i was discussing this with someone, they told me that ppl should look it up before going to another country (true.) but i just think it'd be easier and more functional if there was a universal # for emergency

remember when you were in grade school, junior high, and high school classes were usually less than 30 students... your teacher knows whos being good and whos being bad, whos actually doing their work and whos doodling and whos on the phone texting and all that... when i teach i know EVERYTHING that is going on it just depends if i want to overlook it or just slam them in front of everyone

Guys and Gals in Korea:
Guys and girls dont hang out really 1 on 1 after a certain age... i pin it at junior high-ish but other friends pin it at different ages. say i was out with a girl, ppl automatically assume that me and her are dating, i've been asked many times if i was dating heidi, jenny, etc. even if there are girls in a group of guys the girls are almost always dating the guys.

Matchie Matchie:
aka couple wear among other names. couples like to match here, sometimes they may wear same colours or similar shades. but sometimes they go all out like today i saw a couple that were wearing the same jordans same wash of levi's and same sakun sweater, in the states we think its cheesy and dumb but here its quite popular and when done right pretty cute actually.

thats all for now =)

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