Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sun is somewhere shining even when it rains.

props to anyone that knows where that line is from *hint* older r&b song

things have been even better lately, making more friends now and hanging out with more people *thumbs up* for example for Cinco de Mayo, a group of 6 of us went to Itaewon for mexican food. some legit stuff too, really good tamales and wet chimichanga!! after that we went to an irish pub for drinks and some games. we all got beers or cocktails and played "i never..." then some darts and sat around and chatted. good fun times on a tuesday then off on wednesday, certainly felt like a weekend ^^

recently we started hanging out with the owner and employees of a waffle shop on the first floor of my officetel. hes totally awesome, because he would pay at a whole round at a hof (anju, baekju, soju = food, beer, soju). he also did poker night with all bunch of us. and this sunday was his birthday, so he picked up 3 of us teacher and his worker in his coche (spanish for car) and we went out for all you can eat bbq lunch!!! it was his bday and he said its tradition and culture that the birthday person pays (not sure if this is true or if he is just being suuuuuuuper nice)

i am almost done with my second term in korea, tomorrow is week 13 (last week). went by kinda fast no? also i booked and paid for a ticket to visit Hong Kong from 8/15-23, i am gonna meet my parents there too so that should be hella fun, hmm stay tuned, i might add more if i have that inclination.